Bass Strings Sound Sources♪〜listen, choose & recommend you〜

This article recommends you "bass strings" many products in the world.And "knowledge of strings" you can listen the sound of strings I played.Please find your favorite strings!

Gig Bags for bass guitar〜6 recommendations Instrument Case〜

A gig bag is needed to carry the instrument. This article will introduce you to various gig bags.The point of choice is: Is it lightweight? Is it durable? Looks? Whatever it is, it's OK!And it important to protect your instrument!Let's find out♪

EQ(equalizer) pedals〜Correcting sound quality〜

Correcting sound quality.If you use this pedal, so band's sound & your sound are equal.That is equalizer.You can learn how to use & what is this EQ.And you can listen EQ sound by this article!Use it for your sound!

Distortion effectors for bass〜Even bass wants to distort〜

Rock sound needs a distortion sound!Here I want to show you a good distorted effect pedals.You can listen real distortion sound in this article.Please enjoy the sound what I played.Get your rock effector!!

How to use & set up sans amp〜check with illustration and sound source〜

It has great sounds for a long time is "SANS AMP Bass Driver DI".I want to show you that great sound by this article.You can listen & find a good effector in the world!Check this out right now♪

Explaining Precision Bass〜Difference between JB & PB〜

This article is explaining about PRECISION BASS!! That's origin of the electric bass.Please get to know this historic instrument!And you can listen real sound of Precision bass that I played♪ Listen bass!!

What is Jazz Bass?~sound making & sound check♪~

The most common bass used by bassists around the world that "Jazz Bass" isn't it?This article tell you about the jazz bass with the sound recordings. Please enjoy watching and listening!

5Recommended shield cable for bass guitar〜get more good sound!〜

5Recommendations of cables for bass guitar.This article presents recommended cables.Good cable to good sound!!You have to find & get your sound by cable!!

【Sound Check] 6 Recommendations for Small Bass Amplifiers〜For home practice!〜

Here 6recommendations for small bass amplifier!You can check sounds & features by this article.Smaller amplifiers can be used well at home practice & gig houses.Please get your small amp!!
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