What is Jazz Bass?~sound making & sound check♪~


Hi! Today I gonna introduce “What is Jazz Bass


The first bass I ever got was a jazz bass!
But I didn’t know it was “jazz bass” at the time…

The most widely used electric bass in the world is the “jazz bass

The first bass I played was a “jazz bass”.
“Because my favorite artist used it!” www

Today’s point
The features & structure of a jazz bass.
Listen the sound of the jazz bass♪
(fingerpicking, flat picking, slapping)
History of jazz bass.
Artists who use jazz bass.

When I met the jazz bass,
Understood how to create sounds.
Understood the role of pickups.
Can make different sounds.

This is it!

The first half of this article explains the jazz bass.
The second half of the article you can listen to the jazz bass sounds.
※skip to jazz bass sounds→to listen JB sound now♪

Don’t lose the sounds of jazz bass!

Let’s get start it!!
Hope you enjoy♪

※Japanese article here→Jazz Bass for Japanese

History of Jazz Bass

The history of the electric bass began with the “Precision Bass” released by Fender in 1951.
(There was “a wood bass type electric bass” before that, but it is omitted here.)

From there, it took about 10 years of continuous improvement, and finally!

In 1960, the “Jazz Bass” was born!
(also called “JB“)

The history of the bass changed with the birth of this jazz bass!


The 2 pickups on this bass, allowed for a wide variety of sound creation!


It became popular around the world♪

The history of the electric bass is “the history of Fender!
Thank you Leo Fender!!

Precision Bass is here→Explaining PRECISION BASS

Jazz Bass Features

As I said, what makes a jazz bass unique is that it has 2 pickups.

2 PickUps

2 PickUps are】
Front pickup” mounted near the neck.
Rear pickup” mounted near the bridge.

And Precision bass has one pickup.

These 2 pickups can be operated by the knob

Can use 2 pickups at same time.
Can use one pickup in isolation.

This is an excellent feature!

You can make & choose 3 main types of sound.

Only Front pickup sound
Only Rear pickup sound
・Front & Rear pickups sound


There is no right answer for which pickups to use.

I hope you will find a pickup combination that matches your style of play

Tone Volume

Tone Volume
This knob is

Make clear sound
Make muffled sound (It can also say “mellow sound“)


Play around with various volumes.

and get to know difference sounds!


You can’t understand the difference in sound unless you turn the knob.


Well, let’s play the difference in sound, shall we?

Playing Jazz Bass〜Introduction of instruments used〜

Listen to that jazz bass!

How does the pickup combination change the sound?

I played this bass “Fender Japan JB62-US
and strings is “D’Addario” round wound nickel.

That is standard jazz bass.

Fender Japan JB62-US
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: RoseWood
Pickups: Fender USA

Jazz bass sound〜fingerpicking〜

Fingerpicking at first!

Pickup combinations
Front & Rear sound♪
②only Front Pickup sound♪
③only Rear Pickup sound♪
④Front & Rear with Tone Zero sound♪

These are 4patterns of sound recording♪

How does it?

Front pickup♪finger
Rear pickup♪finger
2Pickups with Tone Zero♪finger

Good sound!!
Only rear pickup is like a vintage sound♪


And so Tone Volume doesn’t have to be all the way down.


A little down is just about right.

It was Fingerpicking sounds!

Jazz bass sound〜flat picking〜

Flat picking next!

Pickup combinations
Front & Rear sound♪
②only Front Pickup sound♪
③only Rear Pickup sound♪
④Front & Rear with Tone Zero sound♪

Same setting as Fingerpicking.

What’s it like to play with a flat pick?

2pickups♪flat pick
Front pickup♪flat pick
Rear pickup♪flat pick
2pickup with Tone Zero♪flat pick

2pickups sound is good!
Brighter than finger.


It is clear attack sound♪


Front pickup sounds like a Precision Bass!


The front pickup is in the same position as the Precision Bass’s pickup, so you can get a similar sound♪

※If you turn off Tone Volume, the sound of the attack will be lost.

Jazz bass sound〜Slapping〜

Last one is Slapping sound!

Pickup combinations
Front & Rear sound♪
②only Front Pickup sound♪
③only Rear Pickup sound♪
④Front & Rear with Tone Zero sound♪

Slap your bass!!


Slapping with jazz bass has to get this sound!

Front pickup♪slapping
Rear pickup♪slapping
2pickups with Tone Zero♪slapping

Players who use the front pickup as their main sound.


Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten are like that♪


But Tone Volume down…
I won’t any more.


Muffled sound…
We need a slapping sound, you know!

Artists using Jazz Bass

・Jaco Pastorius
・Marcus Miller
・Larry Graham
・Flea (RedHotChiliPeppers)
・Will Lee
・John Patitucci
・Victor Wooten
・Nathan East
・Richard Bona
・John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)

What is Jazz Bass?〜closing〜

Thank you for reading this article!

That was “Jazz Bass” that a favorite of many bassists.

Various sound creation with 2 pickups.

I like the sound of the rear pickup only with fingerpicking!

When you play slapping or flat picking, 2pickups fully!

I think it is better to use the Tone Volume just a little lower to change the nuance of the attack rather than to set it to zero.

Try various combinations!

And check this artists

Jaco Pastorius & Marcus Miller←They are great!

Get a Jazz Bass!!

It’s a jazz bass with a long history.

And history will continue.

Yesterday is a history
Tomorrow is a mystery

Today is a gift

Everything is for you
Start today!

See you soon!
pease out!!


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